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Whether you want your dog to come off-leash at the dog park or just want your dog to stop jumping on the kids, we can help!

When you begin training with us, whether through a group class or private in-home lessons, you and your dog will learn the following:

  • sitting for petting instead of jumping up
  • walking politely on a leash
  • coming when called both indoors and outdoors (no more running away!)
  • how to get your dog’s attention, both at home and around distractions
  • how to deal with problem behaviors like barking, digging, mouthing, bolting through doors, chewing, and stealing food or objects from tables and counters
  • what to do about housetraining problems for puppies, young dogs and rescues
  • how to teach your dog what you WANT him to do
  • how to teach your dog to behave and have fun while doing it!

With the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training, you can teach your dog to want to behave. We excel in problem-solving without the use of force or punishment, because dog training doesn’t have to be harsh or abusive—it can be fun and productive. Because clicker training is the fastest way to teach your dog new behaviors, you can accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time…great for busy owners with busy schedules.

Beginning Obedience and
Advanced Obedience Classes Offered!

Evening classes available.

Small, semi-private group classes

In-home lessons tailored to the individual dog

Veterinarian and rescue group recommended.

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More about Civil Obedience Dog Training

We teach small, semi-private group classes at two separate locations in Columbus, Ohio: Beechwold Veterinary Hospital in Clintonville and Riverside Drive Animal Care Center in Dublin. Because our classes are limited to 4-6 dogs, we’re able to offer individual attention to students both during class and between classes; your instructor is always available for help, either over the phone or via email. Since our classes are so small, they fill quickly—anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks in advance—so be sure to register early!

If you’re interested in private in-home lessons, these are scheduled at your convenience and YOU get to pick the behaviors your dog needs to learn. Private lessons are great for busy owners who need help fixing problem behaviors or teaching their dog to mind his manners.

Once your dog has mastered the basics and you’re both ready for the next level, we offer Advanced Obedience. In this class, dogs learn to respond to commands off-lead, work around distractions such as dogs and other animals, people and food, stay, and prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. The CGC test is a manners exam open to dogs of all breeds and mixed breeds and is often used as a stepping stone for therapy work, agility and obedience. Taking the CGC test is voluntary, and regardless of whether you take it or not, your dog will learn to be a polite member of society everywhere he goes.

We also offer other classes, such as Fun and Games, Taking It To The Streets and Rally Obedience. All of these are aimed at continuing the learning and the fun!

We proudly serve the central Ohio dog community by volunteering services to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, Hand-Me-Down Dobes and Central Ohio Scottie Rescue.

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